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How do I correct a Crash in IncrediMail?

How do I correct a Crash in IncrediMailIf you work with the most recent form of this program, Incredimail home windows 10 Mail should work easily with no problems, although there might be a number of causes of the crash (computer memory, incompatibility along with other programs, corrupted files etc.) and a few Do something to identify the reason and repair the problem

There are several known problems that IncrediMail crashes, the following, and therefore are easily resolved. In case your issue is unlisted, stick to the given solution steps to repair the problem.

  • Crash when getting/utilizing a Hotmail / Home windows Live account
  • Please reconfigure your email take into account instructions, please click the link.
  • Crash while delivering/receiving normal (no Hotmail / Home windows Live account)
  • Click the link to update IncrediMail while using full setup file. If this doesn’t help, please try the next general steps.
  • Crashes when receiving messages or notifications from Facebook

This problem continues to be investigated, these types of the backdrop seem connected with Facebook Notification Email, please realize that this issue isn’t associated with the IncrediMail, which is also completed in other email clients (for example Outlook Express and Home windows Live Mail).

For More Information About Windows 8, you can visit here For The Solutions

  • Random Crashes

Attempt to disconnect the Facebook folder in IncrediMail just click the Facebook folder and choose Disconnect.

  • Crashes during data and settings transfer
  • Crashes to play video or attachments

This error is generally brought on by another application that fights with IncrediMail. Try uninstalling this program described within the error message

(For example DivX, or perhaps a codec pack), and determine when the error continues.

For those other conditions, please the next:

1.Click the link to update IncrediMail while using full setup file.

2.Please try disabling 3D magic to receive and send:

  • Inside a new (or fully opened up) message, click the ‘3D Magic’ icon.
  • Now don’t select a 3D effect and click on ‘OK’ to shut the ‘3D Magic’ dialog.

Please be aware: If you don’t have 3D magic installed or enabled, please click ‘No’ to carry on.

2.Please delete your runtime folder. For instructions, please click the link.

3.Reset Ie. To get this done, please select your online Explorer version from this list:

  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Internet Explorer 8
  • Internet Explorer 9

5.Restart the computer using MSCON For instructions, please click here.

Restart the computer in safe mode. For instructions, please click here.If none of these helped, please contact IncrediMail Support for further assistance. Call +1-855-895-8952

How to Configure Incredimail Email account?

How to Configure a Customs Port in Incredimail

  • click tools and choose Accounts
  • ClickAdd around the right-hand side of Mail Accounts
  • Select Allow me to configure settings myself
  • click next
  • Enter your company name as you wish it to look when delivering email
  • Enter your Yahoo Xtra current email address ( and click on Next
  • IncrediMail will endeavor to instantly discover the email server settings for you personally
  • Make certain that the outgoing and incoming servers are:
  • Incoming mail
  • • Outgoing mail server:
  • click next
  • Enter your Yahoo Xtra username (joe.bloggs without and Password
  • ClickFinish
  • Click OK
  • Highlight your brand-new Yahoo Xtra email account and click on Qualities
  • Click on the Servers tab
  • Make certain Login using Secure Password Authentication isn’t ticked
  • Select My server requires authentication
  • Choose the Advanced tab
  • Enter 465 for Outgoing mail (SMTP)
  • Enter 995 for Incoming email (SMTP)
  • Select This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL) for Outgoing and Incoming Mail
  • Click OK
  • Click Close

If none of these helped, please contact IncrediMail Support for further assistance. Call +1-855-895-8952.

How to Setup POP3 Email Account in Incredimail?

How to Setup POP3 Email Account in IncredimailEmail Account Settings Assistant

Incoming Mail Server (POP3) and Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) Settings:

POP3 (Publish Office Protocol) may be the standard protocol utilized by email clients to get email. You have to configure your incoming mail server in IncrediMail to get your email.

The specific server generally follows the conventional format from the mail. (Your Online Service Provider’s Name) .com

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email protocol can be used to transmit emails You have to configure your outgoing mail within the upgrade mail to transmit your email.

The specific server generally follows the conventional format from the mail. (Name of the Isp) .com

Note: Outgoing and incoming server names are often similar.

Whenever you configure a brand new e-mail account in IncrediMail, these settings are instantly completed compliance using the email account you provided. Note: The IncrediMail server settings should be online to go in instantly.

If IncrediMail isn’t instantly completed outgoing and incoming mail server areas, you are able to speak to your ISP customer support or request these details out of your previous email client installed on your pc or else you get the right can perform. You are able to set their email to obtain the setting.

How to Export IncrediMail Contacts to CSV File?

IncrediMail: To export your IncrediMail address book to some CSV file –

How to Export IncrediMail Contacts to CSV File

  • Select Tools > ‘Address Book…’ in the menu.
  • Select File > Export… in the address book’s menu.
  • Visit the folder where you need to export your address book.
  • Accept the conventional “IncrediMail Contacts (CSV)” file name, or enter a custom file reputation for the copy.
  • Click Save.

If none of these helped, please contact IncrediMail Support for further assistance. Call +1-855-895-8952

What’s new in IncrediMail 2.5?

What’s new in IncrediMail 2.5

  • Many worms happen to be fixed with a general change in normal application performance.
  • Easy viewing and employ of internet email organizers
  • Adding an in-application to seeing low demand connections and going for a notice to Facebook together Together, Outlook clients are redesigned concerning the social news.
  • IncrediMail® provides you with the opportunity to encounter various POP and IMAP email options.
  • Amazing email foundations help make your messages and breath existence alive with active 3D effects.
  • Special enthusiasts for Notifies and oversee messages from various records at one place.

How to register IncrediMail and get Licence Code of Incredimail?

How to register IncrediMail and get Licence Code of Incredimail


To join up, please click the ‘Help’ menu inside your primary IncrediMail window, after which click ‘Enter registration code …’

Here is a listing of errors available using the solution:

  • The code can’t be reactivated – your code will have to be reset Please contact the purchasing department.
  • Please purchase – your code may expire, book that you’re while using previous code, which is not finished.
  • Invalid registration code – Please make sure that your code continues to be joined properly. Check spelling, capital, hyphens, which all of the figures are correct.
  • Your pc isn’t attached to the internet – look into the firewall and Web connection – steps 1 and a pair of
  • Error 5 or Error 1232 – Check Firewall and Web Connection – Step Number One and a pair of
  • Look at your firewall – look into the firewall and Web connection – steps 1 and a pair of

Suggested steps:

  1. Firewalls, anti infections or personal proxies – they are able to hinder interbellum and stop internet access, that is required for actions like registration.

To ensure that the firewall isn’t blocking IncrediMail, please be sure that the following IncrediMail process is incorporated in the ‘Accepted Programs’ listing of all firewalls:

  • exe
  • home
  • AX

If the problem is not resolved, try disabling your firewall and then continue the registration process.

* Click here for more detailed instructions

2.Look at your connection [/ color] – Please make sure that you are connected straight to your router, and don’t make use of a wireless connection. If this doesn’t help, try entering the code around the second computer and find out it is important.

To recuperate the codes you bought or lost, please click the link.

At the end of the Support page, click ‘Lost Code’, and go into the current email address that you simply bought in your code text box around the next code.

All your codes will be emailed to your email address.Please contact IncrediMail Support for further assistance. Call +1-855-895-8952

How to Configure a Customs Port in Incredimail?

First, launch your IncrediMail and adopt these measures to configure a custom port in IncrediMail.

How to Configure a Customs Port in Incredimail

  • Click on the tools tab inside your menu bar.
  • Then Click “Email Accounts”
  • Select your Email account which you need to configure for any custom port
  • Then Click Qualities
  • Click Advanced Tab (The data you viewed, this is when your email account’s Server port number are listed and for you to alter)
  • We have to change our port number
  • Click checkbox (This Server Needs a Secure Connection(SSL))
  • Make sure to Enter 465 for that secure port number
  • After which look into the other checkbox(To Allow SSL for that Incoming Server)
  • Observe that in so doing the main harbor number altered to 993, The default Email Port for SSL
  • And Click On OK
  • Click Close

You have successfully changed your Port number.

IncrediMail application has stopped working

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The brand new display picture feature enables you to allocate an individual picture for your email contacts. You can buy 100 works of art attracted or select a picture out of your computer.

You may also assign your personal personalized display picture to look inside your outgoing email, that makes your sent messages personal and fun. Not far off – IncrediMail 2 will help you to connect with your preferred social networking and download pictures for a presentation picture for the contacts and e-mail. Incredimail isn’t freezing for android figures, hiccup or stall when you should utilize it.

If Problems not resolved with this step. You can Contact Incredimail Technical Support Phone Number +1-855-895-8952